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Best Mag Carrier in 2024 | Top 17 Best Mag Holsters & Pouches For Carrying Your Extra Mag

For a gun owner, it is important to carry an extra mag in case runs out of the main stock. It’s also important to keep a firearm secure. So that it does not get lost or stolen while carrying it around. One of the most popular ways to carry extra magazines is with an on-body best mag carrier. Here are some of the best options available for 2021 from reputable brands.

The first thing that you’ll need when buying a magazine carrier is to know what type of gun you’re carrying. Different guns require different holsters. But there are some universal rules to follow for the best mag carriers in 2021.

Top 17 Best Mag Carriers

  1. BLACKHAWK Double Mag Pouch
  2. High Speed Gear Double Pistol Taco Mag Pouch
  3. Tulster NeoMag Magnetic Pocket Mag Holder
  4. Relentless Tactical Double Magazine Holder
  5. Amberide Universal IWB/OWB Magazine Holster
  6. Concealment Express IWB/OWB KYDEX Magazine Holster
  7. Alien Gear Cloak Mag Carrier USA Made IWB/OWB Mag Pouch
  8. PITBULL TACTICAL Universal Mag Carrier Gen 2
  9. Tulster Universal Mag Carrier Echo Carrier
  10. Concealed Carrier Universal Magazine Holster Ammo Pouch
  11. TEGE Universal Double Magazine Pouch
  12. TACwolf 4 Pack Magazine Pouch for Concealed Carry Mags
  13. CYTAC Magazine Holder for Universal Mag Pouch
  14. topmeet Survival 2 Magazine Pouches
  15. Pole Craft IWB/OWB Magazine Holster Kydex – Mag Carrier
  16. CREATRILL 2 Pack Pistol Magazine Holsters | IWB Mag Pouch
  17. Condor Outdoor Double Pistol Mag Pouch

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing The Perfect Mag Carrier

When looking at your options, it’s important to consider how many rounds each magazine will hold and how much space you have on your belt or waistband. For example, one of the best mag carriers in 2021 is a military-style flap holster with an open-top design for quick access. This is great for carrying two magazines. Because they can be easily drawn without unholstering your main weapon as well as being able to quickly reload after running out of bullets!

And here are some other considerations to keep in mind when finding the perfect mag carrier:

1. Capacity

The capacity of your mag carriers should be at least 3-4 magazines or more. This will ensure that there’s enough ammo for you and your group when doing tactical training or going on a hunting trip.

2. Easy Concealment Access

You want to make sure that you can quickly pull out your gun and reload in an emergency. Best mag carrier options are designed with easy, seamless access in mind. The bottom of the holster should be made from smooth and unobstructed fabric. So you can get your weapon in and out promptly.

What’s more, a fitted waistband or belt makes it easier for a quick draw!

3. Ease Of Use

Your mag carry should be comfortable to wear all day while not interfering with other accessories or clothing you choose to wear (e.g., a belt clip shouldn’t dig into your hip). Many best mag carriers have super breathable materials that won’t rub against your skin uncomfortably. Especially, as other holsters do. Some even come with sweat-proofing technology to help you stay cool in hot weather.

4. Price

Stay on a budget. But be sure that you purchase a product made of quality materials and durable stitching for long-lasting use. You’ll also want to consider the extra costs of purchasing additional magazines in the future.

5. Additional Mags

Some mag carriers hold only one magazine while others can fit two or more. If you always carry spare ammo, make sure your mag carrier is big enough to accommodate these extras! You don’t want to run out of bullets unexpectedly. Because you didn’t have enough mags with you at once.

6. Comfort

You should consider the comfort before purchasing a mag carrier. It’s important to have a mag carrier that fits right and doesn’t dig into your skin or pinch at you. This can cause chafing and discomfort that may distract you from focusing on the situation at hand. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your mag carrier, think about getting another one that better suits your needs!

7. Foldable

Some of these are foldable to ensure more convenience while carrying it in a bag or another place. Especially, when you want to put it in storage for emergency or temporary use only.

8. Storage

These best mag pouches provide extra pockets for items like keys, cellphones, money, wallets, credit cards, etc. They also have elastic loops to carry flashlights and knives with ease.

9. Color

They come in different colors such as green, black, grey, and brown just to mention a few. Choose the best one that suits your personality and style.

10. Size

They range in sizes from small to huge size depending on what you want or need. You can choose the one that fits your weapon or other accessories like cell phones.

11. Material

Most are made of leather while others are simply nylon/canvas-like material without much stitching detail. So it’s more durable and lightweight even when the stuff inside is heavier than usual (e.g., flashlights, knives). Some have both materials. But they differ by brand. So check out what they offer before purchasing them online!

12. Other Features

These come with extra features such as concealment zipper pockets that allow you to stealthily store your weapon and quick-draw belt clip systems. So you can easily strap it on or remove it without having to struggle too much!

When choosing the best magazine carrier for you, consider what’s most important to your needs. Is it style and strength? Price and capacity? Or are concealment and comfort more of your concerns? You want a product that meets these standards. So that you can take out your weapon quickly while still staying in control of the situation!

With the right holster, you’ll have quicker draw times, easier reloads, and increased access to extra ammo.

17 Best Mag Carrier Reviews

After 100+ hours kinds of research, we found the 17 Best Mag Holster For Carrying Your Extra Mag. Now I am going to write reviews on these products by taking help from my team.

So, let’s go!

1. BLACKHAWK Double Mag Pouch

This is one of the best mag carriers with extra compartments for carrying your cell phone, knife, and other tactical gear. The mag pouches feature an elastic bungee cord that helps to keep the magazine held firmly in place. So you don’t have to worry about it falling out unexpectedly.

The strap on this mag pouch allows you to wear it across your chest or over one shoulder depending on what feels most comfortable to you. When needed, you can easily remove the nylon flap cover that holds everything in place from the bottom of the magazine case and store extra items like flashlights, knives, small tools, or anything else inside!

Things We Like:

  • Perfect for tactical use.
  • Secure and firm magnetic grip.
  • Foldable for more convenient storage.
  • Comes with extra compartments for carrying other items and gear.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • None.

2. High Speed Gear Double Pistol Taco Mag Pouch

This is one of the best mag pouches for Glock magazines and other similar brands. It comes with a removable flap that you can use to hold your extra magazine or tactical flashlights. The drawstring cord secures the magazine in place. So it won’t fall out during an emergency.

To ensure comfort, this mag carrier has been designed with soft materials that don’t irritate your skin. The pouch itself features elastic loops on each side of the case. So you can use it to carry small items like pens, cards, knives, etc.!

Things We Like:

  • Perfect for tactical use involving flashlights, etc.
  • Good quality construction/durable material used.
  • Comes with a removable flap to grab extra equipment like flash.
  • Universal pistol magazine holster.
  • Fits multiple brands of handguns.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The straps on it are too short to use.

3. Tulster NeoMag – Magnetic in-The-Pocket Mag Holder For Concealed Carry

This is one of the best mag holders for AR-15 magazines and other tactical pistols. It features a lightweight design with a slim profile. Which makes it perfect for use while you are walking, running, or hiking through rough terrain. The magnetic closure secures your magazine in place. So it doesn’t fall out unexpectedly!

Compared to traditional nylon belt holsters, this gun pouch allows you to quickly adjust the size according to your needs since it has elastic straps that secure everything in place without wearing down too much over time.

Things We Like:

  • It comes with adjustable elastic straps.
  • Perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures like hiking, hunting, etc.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from Tulster Brand.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The magnet’s power should improve.

4. Relentless Tactical Leather Double Magazine Holder – Made in USA – IWB or OWB Mag Pouch

Here is another best mag carrier that comes with a feature that allows you to hold your cell phone, flashlight, knife, keychain, or anything else in place. It can also be used with either the inside-the-pants position (IWB) or outside-the-waistband (OWB) according to what feels most comfortable for you!

The leather magazine pouch secures your gun magazines. So they won’t fall out of place unexpectedly and features an elastic strap that ensures the case doesn’t get too loose over time. On each side of the pouches are elastic bands that allow you to carry small items like pens, cards, keys, etc.!

Things We Like:

  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials.
  • Comes in different colors besides black.
  • Features double magazine sections and cell phone slots for a two-in-one design.
  • Comes with adjustable belt clips to fit your body type.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The leather doesn’t hold up too well over time.

5. Amberide Universal IWB/OWB Magazine Holster Mag Carrier

This Amberide Universal Magazine Holster Mag Carrier is designed to carry the magazine of your firearm, which makes it a great accessory for anyone who is into tactical shooting or self-defense training. The mag pouch itself measures 2.75″ by 4.25″. So it should be able to hold most brands’ magazines today!

The Amberide Universal Holster Mag Carrier features a classic design that was built with sturdy stainless steel belt loops to ensure that the case doesn’t become worn down when you’re out and about in harsh environments. It also comes with an adjustable elastic band which allows you to change the size according to what feels more comfortable for you!

Things We Like:

  • Lifetime warranty included from the manufacturer.
  • Good quality construction/durable material used.
  • Very comfortable to wear.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Harder to use when running, hiking, etc.

6. Concealment Express Single IWB/OWB KYDEX Magazine Holster/Mag Carrier – USA Made

This is another truly versatile gun magazine carrier that will expand to fit a single or double magazine. The Kydex material itself is very durable and can be adjusted in size according to what feels most comfortable for you!

The KYDEX holster features a retention screw that allows you to adjust the tension on your pistol magazines without worrying about them falling out of place unexpectedly. The magazine pouch itself measures 3″ long by 4″ high, making it a great choice for tactical shooters. Especially, who are looking for something slim and compact!

Another thing we like about this mag carrier is that it’s ambidextrous. So you’ll never have to worry about whether or not it’ll work with your dominant hand! This makes it perfect for anyone who likes to use their firearm magazine in any capacity possible!

Things We Like:

  • Ambidextrous design for left-handed shooters.
  • Designed with heavy-duty Kydex material to ensure durability.
  • Can be adjusted up to double magazine length space (6″ long).
  • Adjustable tension screws on both sides of the case secure your magazines in place.
  • Comes with Velcro attachment straps for easy use in training or competitions.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s not compatible with some major brands.

7. Alien Gear Cloak Mag Carrier – Single Magazine Holster – USA Made IWB or OWB Mag Pouch

This mag carrier is a great choice for any shooter who wants to get their hands on a versatile belt clip that can be adjusted to fit both inside-the-pants and outside-the-waistband positions. This will enable you to wear the magazine pouch in whichever orientation makes you feel most comfortable!

Alien Gear’s Kydex gun holster features an adjustable retention screw that will keep your magazines in place regardless of whether or not you’re moving around while wearing it. The shock cord leg straps are another feature that adds stability and comfort to the overall design. As they’ll mold to your body like a second skin over time!

Things We Like:

  • Durable materials are used throughout the whole build.
  • Comes with different holes on the bottom.
  • Adjustable for wear on either inside-the-pants or outside-the-waistband.
  • Multiple color options are available.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • You could possibly be uncomfortable if you have a larger build as it’s designed for smaller people.

8. PITBULL TACTICAL Universal Mag Carrier Gen 2 – Single or Double Stack Mag Pouch

This mag carrier is a great choice for anyone who wants to be able to use their firearm magazines in any capacity possible. It’s designed with sturdy materials that can be adjusted up to double magazine length space. So it’ll work with most pistol brands on the market today!

The Universal Mag Carrier Gen 2 features an adjustable strap that will keep your mags locked tight into place during active shooting or self-defense training sessions. Plus, unlike other products out there, this one comes with built-in retention screws too!

Things We Like:

  • Made in the USA (Alabama).
  • Easy accessibility/multiple ways of carrying.
  • Ambidextrous design for left-handed shooters.
  • Adjustable tension screws on both sides.
  • Adjustable magazines.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • You could possibly be uncomfortable if you are a tall man.
  • It’s designed for smaller people.

9. Tulster Universal 9mm/.40 Single Stack Mag Carrier Echo Carrier IWB/OWB and OWB Mag Pouch

This mag carrier is specially designed to hold single stack 9mm/40 S&W magazine cases securely in place. It features an adjustable retention screw that will keep your pistol magazines from falling out of place. Even if you’re moving around while wearing it!

The Tulster IWB Holster comes with a durable and flexible spring steel clip that can be adjusted for either inside-the-waistband or outside-the-waistband carry positions. This makes it more versatile than some of its competitors who only have one option available!

Things We Like:

  • A full sweat shield protects your skin from rubbing up against the gun holster.
  • Heavy-duty Kydex body ensures durability under rough conditions.
  • Offers quick access under any conditions.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • You could possibly be uncomfortable if you are on the plus size.
  • It is a universal carrier. Not for any specific gun.

10. Concealed Carrier 2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip – Handgun Ammo Pouch

If you are looking for a versatile holster that can be used for multiple pistol magazines on the market today, this one is a great choice. It features an adjustable spring steel clip that can be used to hold both single and double stack magazines!

The Concealed Carrier 2-Pack Mag Pouch comes with sturdy materials such as Kydex and nylon. So that won’t degrade or scratch easily over time. This is always something you need to look out for when choosing magazine carriers!

Things We Like:

  • Fits most firearms brands/models.
  • Adjustable retention screws included.
  • Durable clips/leather belt loops included.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Made in China (which isn’t always a bad thing. But some people prefer USA-made products).

11. TEGE Universal Double Magazine Pouch – IWB Holster Concealed Carry

If you are looking for a magazine holder that can be used to quickly access both single and double-stack magazines on the market today, then this one is perfect for you! It features an adjustable spring steel clip that stays put even during active movement.

Dozens of different color options provide extra versatility. Plus, there’s also a full sweat shield included. So it’ll remain comfortable even if you’re wearing it underneath your clothing all day long! And not only is it durable but it also won’t scratch easily over time either.

Things We Like:

  • Durable nylon material with metal clips contributes.
  • Adjustable retention screws add stability & security to each.
  • Scratch-free spare magazine carrier.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The plastic clip is sewn on, which may not be as durable as a metal clip.

12. TACwolf 4 Pack Magazine Pouch for Concealed Carry Universal Mags

This magazine carrier comes with 4 total pouches. 2 for a double stack magazine and 2 for a single stack mag. Plus, it’s made from high-quality Kydex material. So you can be sure these carriers will last for a long time!

The TACwolf Magazine Holster has an adjustable tensioner that allows you to set the desired level of retention required. This makes it more versatile than other models available on the market today!

Things We Like:

  • Can fit the most common pistol brands/models.
  • Multiple carry positions are available.
  • Adjustable retention screws ensure your mags stay put in place.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It could be uncomfortable if you’re tall.

13. CYTAC Magazine Holder for Universal Mag Pouch

If you’re looking for a magazine holster that can fit 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber pistols as well as both single and double-stack magazines. Then this one is perfect! It comes with an adjustable hook & loop strap that allows it to be worn on 6 different sizes of belts.

What’s really great about this magazine pouch is that you can switch between horizontal and vertical carry positions. This is something that isn’t always possible to do with other models available on the market today. And because it comes with a full sweat shield, these carriers will remain comfortable even if you’re wearing them all day long underneath your clothing!

Things We Like:

  • The Kydex construction makes these holsters very durable.
  • There are multiple color options to choose from.
  • Switching between carrying styles is a very easy task.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Your height may make it uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time.

14. topmeet Survival 2 Magazine Pouches

These multiple magazines are more than just a way to easily carry your firearms with you. As you can see in the picture, there’s also an accompanying knife that’s included too! These 2 pouches help ensure that you’re always prepared for any situation.

This model is made from high-quality materials such as soft leather and polyester fabric. So it’ll last for a long time! Plus, given how versatile this holster set is, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities or hunting/trapping. And because of its slim design, your legs won’t feel heavy even when carrying both it and your firearm around all day long.

Things We Like:

  • The belt is made from real leather.
  • It’s really easy to use and comfortable as well.
  • A knife is included with the holster for added protection!

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Some users have received it partially broken upon arrival.

15. Pole Craft IWB/OWB Magazine Holster Kydex – Mag Carrier

The Pole Craft Gun Mag Carrier comes with a full sweat shield to ensure that it’s comfortable when worn underneath clothing all day long. It can even fit 2 magazines at once. So you’ll be able to stay prepared for any situation!

This model is made from durable Kydex material. So it won’t scratch or scuff over time like other models available on the market today. And since there are multiple color options to choose from, you can select one that fits your preferences and style as well!

Things We Like:

  • It can easily fit the most common pistol brands/models.
  • It has an adjustable retention screw.
  • There are multiple color options to choose from.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The strap is quite thick. So it may be uncomfortable.

16. CREATRILL 2 Pack Pistol Magazine Holsters | Inside The Waistband IWB Tactical Mag Holder | Concealment Single Double Stack Mag Pouch for 9mm/.40 cal/380

This gun magazine pouch is a great option for anyone who carries more than one pistol at once as an IWB magazine holster! With this item, you can easily carry two different magazines at the same time in any position. It also has a cell phone slot on either side so you don’t have to take everything out of your pockets and put it into just one carrier!

So you’re probably wondering how you can carry around two magazines at the same time. The answer is by using this carrier’s spring steel belt clip! Because it’s made from heavy-duty metal. It won’t bend or break over time and will remain reliable for a long time to come.

Things We Like:

  • It even comes with a magazine loader!
  • The strap is comfortable and secure against your skin.
  • It has a key fob.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • None we found.

17. Condor Outdoor Double Pistol Mag Pouch

As you can see in this picture, there are 2 magazine pouches included with this holster. This helps ensure that you’ll always have a backup magazine right on hand if your main one runs out of ammo unexpectedly! These pouches also come with adjustable nylon straps. So they’ll be able to enclose most pistol magazines.

And since these mag carriers are made from heavy-duty nylon fabric, they won’t scratch or scuff over time. Plus, like other items on this list. They’re ambidextrous as well. So both left and right-handed individuals can use them too!

Condor Outdoor is a popular brand that’s known for making various backpacks and accessories for tactical gear enthusiasts. Plus, given how this pouch is made from tough synthetic leather. So you can be sure it’ll last for a long time!

Things We Like:

  • It only takes a few seconds to secure this item onto your belt.
  • The straps are adjustable so they can fit most pistol magazines.
  • You can adjust the pouch’s angle in relation to your waist as well!
  • Affordable price.

Thing We Didn’t Like:

  • Some users have had trouble fitting certain gun models/brands.


Do you have any other questions in your mind? You ask us without any hesitation. We will help you to buy the best magazine carrier.

And here are some common frequently asked questions with answers. You can read this part to know more about mag carriers.

What is the best mag carrier?

If you are looking for the best mag carrier, then you should choose anyone from our list. Anyone from this list can be a good one. That will give you comfort and security in any situation. These magazine carriers well give one of the best magazines to your gun. Our experts spent 100+ hours to make this list. So, you can rely on it.

Can you carry extra magazines concealed?

For us, the best way to carry extra magazines concealed is with a magazine holder that you can hide under your belt. You can rely on one from our list. Because these are fits most sizes and body types. Additionally, there are also two different mounting options. So you’ll be able to wear it in the position that works best for you!

Do I need a mag pouch or carrier?

It would not be wrong if we said that carrying extra magazines are crucial for gun owners in the era of terrorism, shooting games, and military combat. Especially if you are a hunter, you will need more rounds of ammunition if you are hunting in the forest. This is where a magazine pouch comes into play. You can attach it to your belt or any part of your body. You can conceal this pouch. So that no one will notice it easily.

For those who already know what they’re looking for, we offer some tips to keep in mind while shopping for a magazine pouch. These items are meant to store extra ammo and keep it easily available for reloading. So you’ll want to find one that holds your preferred number of rounds effectively! You probably already know this. But there are two main types: belt mag carriers and pocket magazine holster or drop mag pouch. These are just a few things you should be looking for if you’re on the hunt for the best mag pouch.

Do you need a mag carrier?

If you are looking for a way to make carrying your magazines easier, then the best option is an easily concealable magazine carrier. These are popular among hunters and sport shooters because they allow them to carry more ammunition without being too obvious about it. A handy little pouch can be worn almost anywhere on the body. For maximum comfort and convenience, make sure you get a model that attaches to your belt or waistband. Doesn’t matter it is a Glock magazine carrier or a single mag carrier or double mag carrier. The matter is it is comfortable and perfect for your gun model.

If you are looking for a way to carry extra magazines, then the easiest options are either inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters or pocket carriers. These can be safely attached to your waistband. And they’re small enough that they won’t get in the way of normal activity. One major advantage of these is that they can be concealed under a shirt or jacket. So no one will notice you have any extra magazines on your person.

All mag carriers and pouches are meant to carry an additional magazine for your firearm. But they come in many different sizes and shapes. If you are just starting out, then the best bet is to go for a single extra magazine carrier. This can be attached to your belt or waistband. So that it’s easy to reach when you’re in a hurry.

For the most part, mag pouches are exactly what they seem like – little bags that store magazines for convenience purposes. But if you want something more advanced, those models can also fit additional components such as flashlights, knives, and even small compasses! Some might carry quite a lot of weight but this is useful for military buffs who need every extra advantage they can get during combat situations.

Which types of mag carrier do I need?

It depends on your needs.

Basically, two main types of magazine carriers are available on the current market. These are ideal for a number of purposes such as hunting, combat, and even everyday carry. They are meant to hold extra magazines on one end so you can store them without taking up too much space in your pocket or bag. The most common type of magazine pouch is the belt carrier. That can be clipped to your waistband whenever you need some extra ammunition storage. Some models might come with a strap that wraps around your thigh, but these are not as easy to conceal as an IWB holster would be.

You also have the option of getting a drop pouch if you want something smaller and sleeker that doesn’t take up too much space in your pocket or clip onto your belt. These look like small pouches that can sit anywhere on the belt. But many people also carry them in their shirt pockets if they don’t have enough space available. These pouches are meant to hold 1 or 2 extra magazines and they can be as compact as you need them to be.

The best way to choose the right type of mag carrier for your needs is to decide how many magazines you want at any given time. If you’re a hunter or sport shooter, then one single-magazine pouch should be enough since you’ll only use it when on the shooting range. However, if you find yourself needing more than just 1 magazine, then consider getting a drop pouch instead of an IWB holster. It’s easy to store a lot of magazines within reach so long as your drop pouch doesn’t take too much room in your pocket or bag.

Looking for a good mag pouch can be hard since there are so many different models available on the market today. Most people just want to get something that looks professional. But they should also consider their budget and practicality as well. A small holster might not look like much at first glance. But it’s easy to store 1 or 2 magazines within reach when you’re performing some kind of sports activity. Such as hunting, target shooting, or self-defense purposes. Remember that these carriers are meant to hold additional ammo magazines for your gun – nothing more and nothing less. So don’t expect them to surprise you with anything extra!

Some models come with integrated magazine loading tools while others feature other compartments where you can fit other accessories. Such as flashlights or knives. The more compartments you have, the more weight and bulk your pouch will carry around with ease so keep this in mind when choosing the right one for your everyday needs. If you’re looking for something lightweight, then leather models might not be ideal. But if you want something durable that can withstand rough use, then consider getting a hard plastic model instead.

Fitting exactly where it’s supposed to go, an IWB mag holster is easy to conceal under clothing like a regular belt holster would be. But these tend to hold only 1 or 2 magazines at any given time. Since they are meant to blend into clothing easily and without anyone noticing them until you are ready to draw out your weapon. They are the most ideal option for anyone who doesn’t want to get caught carrying an extra mag or two around during a self-defense situation. They can be placed under clothing and they can sit on your waistband without wearing out too much space as well. Some people just like how these look. But if you’re looking for more practical use then consider getting a drop pouch as well since it’s easy to store 1 or 2 magazines within close proximity whenever you need them.

Easy concealment makes these IWB holsters useful for military purposes where every little advantage is welcome while in combat situations. However, these come with their own unique set of disadvantages. Because not all models are created equal. So do your research before making a purchase! Or you can follow our research. But don’t let yourself fall into the hands of scam artists and fake manufacturers who only care to make a quick buck off of your naivete. A lot of these holsters can be bought from unreliable companies since they have no other use beyond “keeping it real”. Always check out manufacturer credentials before spending too much money on a holster. So that you won’t even end up using in the end!

How many spare mags should you carry?

The answer is “how many have you got?”

If you can carry 2 spare mags in an IWB or inside the waistband hip holster, then that’s fine. If you can carry 4 spare mags, then that’s even better.

Most people would only want to use it when there’s already a problem. They’d rather not think about carrying more ammo until they find themselves in dire need of backup rounds. But if possible, having extra ammo always helps! But try to avoid keeping more than 6 spares. Because these might just drag down your activity level. And slow you down when you’re being rushed by some bad guy who wants nothing more than to make sure his victim doesn’t survive the day!


The 17 best mag carriers for handguns are listed in this article. Read this article to find out which one is the best mag carrier for you!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you’d like to share any tips or experiences with these carriers then please do so in the comment section below!

Happy shooting!

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