Own the Gun is a blog based on firearms and shooting accessories. Robert Larry, the author of the blog, has been traveling for work and living in different places all around the world. The blog offers advice on guns and shooting as well as stories about his travels. Robert Larry has always had an interest in firearms. His first experiences with guns began on the Boy Scout camp. There he hunted small game and learned about gun safety. Robert Larry has continued to hunt through adulthood and seeks out hunting opportunities wherever he finds himself.

Robert uses his blog as a way of sharing both past memories and stories with friends as well as solidifying them in his own mind by writing them down for later recollection. He does not consider himself an expert or professional blogger but rather just someone who is interested in firearms and traveling the world all at once.

Robert Larry recently moved to a new city and has been enjoying the local culture of his new home. He has been spending a lot of time in his favorite type of bar, a classic neighborhood Irish pub. Robert recently visited one such pub with his blog partner where they not only enjoyed good drinks but some very excellent food as well. And outside the pub, he did an awesome shooting exercise with his new friends.

Robert Larry will be back on the road soon. So stay tuned for more updates from him!