Different Types Of Guns Names

Different Types Of Guns Names – Updated in 2024

Do you know all the different types of guns names that exist in the world?

A gun can be a powerful weapon and it is important to know what types of guns exist. There are many different types of guns, with various features and purposes. This blog post will cover all the basic types of guns (pistols, revolvers, shotguns, machineguns) in order to help you make an informed decision when purchasing or using one.

Different Types of Gun Names

Looking for a list of all types of guns? There are lots of automatic & semi automatic rifle, automatic & semi automatic pistol, Glock pistol, light machine gun, semi automatic handgun, melee weapon, bolt action rifle available on the market. Keep reading this article to see the complete list with brief description.

1. The Pistol

Otherwise known as a handgun, is a semi automatic firearm designed to be held and operated with one hand. A pistol typically has a shorter barrel than a long gun. Such as a rifle or shotgun. Pistols are small, easy-to-use. Also, can be easily hidden on the body making them popular choices for self-defense purposes. This gun type of semi automatic weapon also makes up almost 50% of all firearms in use today.

2. Revolver

This type of gun does not automatically chamber another round after firing. Like most other types of guns do. It is perfect for single shot. Example: semi automatic rifle, automatic rifle. Each time you pull the trigger the revolver rotates a new cartridge into place. There are no magazines to remove and refill constantly. Typically, a revolver holds five rounds of ammunition, making it a powerful handgun.

3. Shotgun

A shotgun is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder. That uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot. Or a solid projectile called a slug. This type of gun can have either single barrel or double barrel features. They come in various gauge sizes (10-gauge). The size indicates how big the bore is on your shotgun. Since different gauges produce different-sized patterns.

Especially when shooting your target. A diameter measurement divided by 3 will produce the proper gauge size for your weapon. For example, a 10-gauge shotgun will have a diameter of 3/10ths in. And 5-gauge = 1/5th inches in.

4. Semi Automatic Gun

This type of gun is the simplest firearm to operate. Because all you have to do is pull the trigger for each round fired unlike other types. Such as revolvers where each time you pull the trigger it rotates a new cartridge into place. Plus, when you take your finger off the trigger, the weapon stops firing. Unlike most others that continue to shoot until empty or jammed.

5. Fully Automatic Gun

A fully automatic gun is capable of firing multiple rounds with one continuous pulling. And releasing of the trigger (one rotation = one bullet). Also referred to as a machine gun. It is one of the more difficult types of guns to obtain. A fully automatic weapon requires an expensive tax stamp and extensive paperwork similar to what you must go through with explosives such as TNT or C4.

6. Assault Rifle

An assault rifle is most commonly used by the military. But it has made its way into civilian homes in most parts of the world today. This type of gun comes under various names. Such as tactical rifles, black rifles, etc.. And it’s different from other types thanks to its ability for automatic fire (select-fire), detachable box magazine. So that is usually placed on top of the assault weapon. And a pistol grip that offers better control and handling during firing. The main difference between this type vs. others is that it shoots higher-powered cartridges.

7. Machine Pistol

A machine pistol or submachine gun is smaller than most other types of guns. And has the highest rate of fire. Since it’s capable of firing up to 1,000 rounds per minute. However, this type can also be the hardest to control depending on its size. So that makes it more appropriate for indoor shooting than outdoor use. Especially unless you are a trained professional.

8. Derringer

This type of gun is one of the smallest types of firearms. But they still pack a big punch. Because sometimes they will fire two shots at once (one on each end). However, these weapons are typically only good for self-defense purposes. Since they don’t have much accuracy beyond short shooting range.

9. Flare Gun

A flare gun is a type of gun that shoots flares rather than bullets. These are often used to send distress signals. Especially at sea or in an emergency where visibility is poor. However, some people still use them today for self-defense purposes. But more often these are found with older weapons including pistols. That can be sold at auction sites along with other types of guns.

10. Starter Pistol

This type of gun looks like a normal handgun. But has no cartridges inside. So it’s unable to shoot any projectiles even though the sound coming from the weapon is very loud and realistic-sounding. It is mainly designed to start races or signal the beginning of certain events. Since they sometimes go off unexpectedly by mistake. Although this type of gun will not shoot any projectiles. It can still be dangerous and you should always follow the rules and regulations as outlined by your country or state laws.

11. Anti-Tank Gun

An anti-tank weapon is a large weapon that can fire projectiles much higher & faster than other types of guns. Especially while also being capable of destroying vehicles or buildings with just one shot. It’s important to note that these weapons are used against tanks, not people. So it will not be useful for hunting animals nor will it be good for home defense purposes. Since they have a slow rate of fire and requirement for bulky ammunition.

This type of gun has been replaced by missiles in modern times. But some people still own them at auction sites where they are sold along with other types of guns including pistols & shotguns. Those are more common & easy to get your hands on today.

12. Machine Pistol

A machine pistol is a small weapon capable of shooting several rounds in rapid succession without the problem of recoil that you would get with larger weapons. This means they are usually more accurate at shorter distances. But less accurate over longer distances. However, keep in mind that most countries have banned this type of gun. Because it can be used for illegal purposes including assassination & terrorism.

So if you see one being sold online then it’s best to stay away from it. Or else you may face criminal charges by trying to buy one even though they’re not typically sold along with other types of guns like pistols which are still legal today.

13. Gatling Gun

A Gatling gun is a weapon created by Richard Gatling. He is the same person who invented the famous “Gatling”. So it was used during the Civil War and later on throughout several wars including World War I, World War II & the Vietnam War. This type of gun is similar to an assault rifle in that it shoots bullets at a high rate of speed. However they are much larger in size along with having fewer ammunition capacity compared to rifles due to the unique design used for this particular weapon.

14. Sniper Rifle

A sniper rifle is a specific type of weapon used by professional marksmen. Especially who need to hunt down other people from great distances. So it’s best not to bother with these weapons unless you’re a highly-skilled shooter. Since military snipers know how to use them in an effective way in order to avoid being killed or injured by their targets.

15. AK-47

The AK-47 is a Soviet assault rifle that was originally designed for the Russian army back when it first came out in 1947. So you won’t see many people selling these types of weapons along with other types of guns. Especially except for collectors who specialize in selling used equipment from previous wars & conflicts throughout history.

Keep in mind that the NFA rules have been updated over time. So if you want an AK-47 then make sure you follow all local laws before buying one. Or else you may get into legal trouble which nobody needs on their plate.

16. Browning Machine Gun

The Browning machine gun (or the .50 caliber machine gun) is a weapon created by John Moses Browning in 1917. That was used by the United States Armed Forces ever since they first debuted in 1919 during World War I. This type of gun fires large-sized bullets at an extremely high rate of speed. So that causes incredible destruction when hitting its target (which is one reason why this type of weapon is illegal for non-law enforcement personnel to own).

Keep in mind that it’s illegal to import these types of guns into the USA even if you bring it back from abroad. However, there are many other countries throughout Europe where owning & selling them are legal. So make sure you know all local laws before buying one. Or else you may get into legal trouble which nobody needs on their plate.

17. Dragunov Rifle

The Dragunov is a type of rifle that was created for the Soviet Union during the Cold War era by Russian military designers. Because they didn’t have enough time to design something new since the AK-47’s development took longer than expected. So that forced them to use an older design instead. Since they needed to supply their soldiers with weapons as fast as possible before ending up in another war. Which happened less than 2 years later. Although it has been around for over five decades now.

Its design still remains unchanged ever. Since it first debuted which caused many people to question why the Russian government would waste so much money on creating something like this when other types of rifles available. However, keep in mind that many types of rifles are designed this way to ensure the same weapon can be used by anyone regardless of their height, weight, gender or other physical characteristics. So that can differ greatly between individuals.

18. H&K MP5

The MP5 is probably the most famous & used submachine gun of all time. It is designed by the German defense company Heckler & Koch. They also created several other types of firearms throughout history. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to import these types of guns into the USA. Even if you bring it back from abroad

However, there are many other countries throughout Europe where owning & selling them are legal. So make sure you know all local laws before buying one. Else you may get into legal trouble which nobody needs on their plate.


If you want to know more about different types of guns names, feel free to read this frequently asked questions part. I wrote for those who may have the same questions as you.

What are the top 10 guns?

It is really hard to make a top 10 list of guns. Because it really depends on the type of person you are & what your needs are. For example, someone may need a smaller gun that can fit in their pocket for self-defence. And while another person will need something larger to defend their family from thieves with.

What is the most famous gun?

The most famous gun of all time is the Colt Pistol. Which is really no surprise since the American firearm company, Colt had made over 9 million replicas of it so far. And they were used in numerous wars/battles throughout history. That means it had to have been one of the best guns made since it was used by so many people/armies over the years.

What are the 4 types of firearms?

There are 4 types of firearms:

  1. Rifles
  2. Shotguns
  3. Handguns, &
  4. Machine guns

They all have different uses. That is why they were created for people with different needs.

Rifles can shoot long distances and hold more rounds than a handgun.

A shotgun is great for hunting animals from large to small/shooting clay disks out of the sky & holds a lot of rounds too.

A handgun is great for self-defence and fits in small/big hands. Since they’re easy to handle. That is why many people carry one around with them.

Lastly, a machine gun is mainly used by the military and law enforcement agencies. Because it shoots very fast & holds a lot of rounds too!

What is the most powerful gun?

The most powerful gun of all time is the Desert Eagle. This type of gun has been used in countless movies & video games. Because it looks so bad ass! However, there are many guns that have become just as popular as this one. Example: the AK-47, M16, Steyr AUG, Colt, Smith & Wesson etc.

What is a submachine gun?

A submachine gun is a type of machine gun that can shoot faster than any other firearm in the world. They usually hold between 20-100 rounds and look like smaller versions of rifles or machine guns which makes them easier to carry/handle in small spaces. This type of gun was created for people in law enforcement and the military. Because of their high fire rates & ease of access. Since they’re small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

What is a machine gun?

A machine gun is a type of firearm that can shoot very fast with just one pull of the trigger. Many people have died by this type of gun. Because when bullets come out at such high speeds they can kill someone so easily. They also hold a lot of rounds. That is why they’re usually used by the military & law enforcement agencies to shoot many people/things at once without wasting too much ammo or time reloading.

What are the most dangerous guns?

The most dangerous gun in the world is the AK-47. Because it has killed the most people than any other gun. Since it was made. This type of machine gun can shoot up to 600 rounds a minute and is accurate from long distances. So that makes it perfect for war & killing many people at once!

Final Words

The different types of guns that exist in the world are almost innumerable. And there is a difference between them. It also discussed how to identify them by their names.

If you found this article interesting or informative, please let us know! We would love to hear your thoughts about which firearms you have used before and what type was most effective for shooting at targets.

You can also provide any other information you think relevant by commenting below. Thank you so much for reading our blog post today. We hope it helped educate you on how to choose the right gun from all these options out there!

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